Well, this is a couple we would never have put together, but now that Curtis is free and single, our Longford woman Maura thinks she may want a spin around the ballroom with this dancer. Or you know, something less cheesy than that.

In the 'Tomorrow Night' teaser on last night's episode of 'Love Island', viewers were shocked to see Maura admitting to Lucie that she was interested in Curtis. Amy will not be one bit happy about this.

Also think poor Maura might be just getting a bit desperate and weary from it all in there. Sort of like week three in the Gaeltacht back in the day, when you start becoming interested in the boy you wouldn't have looked twice at in week one.

We know she has Marvin, but we don't think he is long for that villa. A bit of fresh meat, that's what she needs.

Although Curtis did admit that he once slid into Maura's DM's when she first arrived in the villa, so no doubt he will be happy with the attention.

Here's the First Look for tonight's episode: