As if we didn't have enough drama to process after last night's 'Love Island', Maura only went and made our heads spin with her mysterious comments in a teaser for tomorrow.

This is either a case of genius editing, or the Longford woman has lost her marbles (or is maybe wondering why the hell she chose to bring Marvin back from Casa Amor).

If you watched to the end of last night's episode - in which Curtis and Amy appeared to break up - you would have heard Maura's voice. It said 'He's just so manly....'

Of course, everyone assumed that she was talking about Ovie, given that it's inevitable that he will soon be single. However, when she added 'I want him to teach me how to dance', people put two and two together and assumed she was talking about Curtis.



Surely not?!

Maura and Curtis?!

Well, he did apparently try to slide into her DMs earlier this year...

If we're deliberately being led astray by producers, we won't be happy. But will we be tuning in tonight? Hell yes.

Everyone was just as surprised as we were, and the reaction was pretty damned hilarious...