For the first few weeks of 'Love Island', it seemed that Curtis and Amy were falling into the same roles occupied by Jack and Dani last year.

The pair coupled up on the first day, seemed blissfully happy in a 'been married for 40 years' kind of way, and seemed shoo-ins for the £50,000 prize.

That is, until, Tommy and Molly-Mae won everyone's hearts and cracks began to appear after the new girls entered the villa last week.

Last night, it came to a head. Amy took out her list of questions/statements that she wanted to confront Curtis with, including asking him why he didn't want to cuddle with her in the mornings. (His answer - that he wanted to make coffee for everyone else - had us watching between our fingers).

She may have thought that he would apologise, grovel and they'd get back on track; instead, he admitted that he wasn't happy and couldn't promise that it "wouldn't happen again". Yikes.

Here's what people had to say about it all....