There we were, thinking that the most dramatic bust-up on last night's 'Love Island' was going to be the fallout from Michael recoupling with Joanna.

Okay, that was pretty dramatic. But while Amber and Anna had ample airtime to berate Michael for his choice (and Amber came off pretty badly, let's face it), Curtis and Amy's situation dominated the episode.

In the space of a few days, the professional dancer has gone from hero to villain after he admitted to Amy - the woman he's been coupled up with from the start - that he had doubts about their relationship and that he had planned to recouple with Jourdan.

Naturally, Amy was pretty stunned by this revelation, given that she had planned to tell Curtis that she loved him. Then she got angry. Then she got upset.

Here's a recap, if you missed it:

Will it be resolved in tonight's episode, or have they split for good? They both slept separately last night, so who knows. One thing's for sure, though - people are pretty annoyed at Curtis.