Is there something in the water here in Ireland that makes us some of the best 'Love Island' contestants of all time? We caught up with Matthew MacNabb, ex-islander and pioneer of the "we're done" legacy, to find out.

Speaking at Virgin Media Ireland's 'Love Island' 2022 launch, Matthew MacNabb reminisced on his time on the island, revealed what made him the "most grumpy man" in the villa, and why Irish contestants are just so deadly on the show.

"You think everybody's just chilling" he tells us, "they tell you when to wake up, when to go to sleep, tell you where to eat, everything's methodically laid out in terms of like, this is what you're doing throughout the day".

The early mornings coupled with the late nights and "the brightest light you'll ever see" (the reason behind those sunglasses indoors) are the reasons why he was the grumpiest man in the villa — his words, not ours.

On what makes Irish islanders so beloved and iconic — Maura, Greg, Yewande, we're looking at you too — Matthew reckons it's a cultural thing. "We're very straight up", he remarks, believing that there's an element of how we were raised involved too. "I think what we say and how we act is very, you know, down to earth".

Irish or not, the best advice that Matthew can give to anybody going into the villa is "just be yourself as much as possible because people can spot a person [not being themselves]". Honestly, we agree with that, as does ex-islander Shaughna Phillips.

Dami, if you're listening, we can't wait to see what you bring to the table. Here's hoping you join your fellow Irish islanders as the best cast members of all time (no pressure).

'Love Island' season 8 kicks off on Monday the 6th of June at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player