We sat down with iconic islander Shaughna Phillips from the Winter 2020 season in South Africa at Virgin Media Ireland's 'Love Island' 2022 launch.

There's so much that we, as viewers, don't know about 'Love Island' according to Shaughna at least. Re-couplings can take hours to film, contestants shower on the producers' schedules, and time flies by once you're in there.

"The editors of 'Love Island' are second to none, like they need all the Golden Globes, all the Oscars, like they are so good" she says, "you've got to think like, how boring a 24-hour day is. Obviously they choose the best parts to put in the actual episodes".

Admittedly, she's watched some of her most iconic moments back, like the time she pulled a KitKat out of her bra, and she doesn't even recall those kinds of things happening, "It looks so drama-packed but there are multiple times in the day where we are just sitting there talking about what bird that might be".

Of course, we had to ask her about what advice she has for the Islanders heading into the villa next Monday the 6th of June, to which she had a few tips. Primarily, she echoed others saying "be yourself, you was cast there to be yourself".

On the other hand, she revealed that while it may look like it's all about getting dressed up, lounging on the daybeds, and sipping coffee, "it's definitely not as glamorous as it looks on telly".

"I didn't shave my legs for like two weeks" she giggles. To that end, she recommends her desert island must-haves for the villa: face wipes, perfume and a pair of wedges.

"Not stilettos 'cus it's all decking, we've seen Demi, I think Molly-Mae fell down the stairs" she preaches in the name of comfortable footwear. We love a sensible queen.

Would she do an all-stars 'Love Island'? Yes, if it were looser and a bit more 'Big Brother' style she'd be up for the challenge. "I'd go in and raise hell," she admits, "I'd just go in and wind everyone up".

We know we'd love to see her on our screens again sometime soon. We need more of her iconic one-liners like “I need to remember, I came to 'Love Island' to find a boyfriend, not a son".

As for the other reality shows she'd be up for going on, she's a fan of 'I'm A Celebrity' and 'Gogglebox'. One question: where can she sign up?

'Love Island' season 8 kicks off on Monday the 6th of June at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player