If you looked at Twitter last night and noticed that 'Lucie' was trending, you might think that the Love Islander had either been booted off or done something particularly bad.

Yet despite there being a whopping 107,000 tweets about the blonde surfer since last night's episode aired, she didn't actually do anything wrong.

In fact, it seems that most of those tweets were expressing concern for her mental health after a pretty tough day in the villa. Firstly, the tension between her and Amy amped up massively during the 'wedding dress food fight' challenge. Amy accused Lucie of specifically targeting her during the challenge, and turned on the waterworks to force an apology from her.

Control freak Joe then quizzed her on her friendship with Tommy - saying that he didn't like her spending time with him, giving her grief for not hanging out with the girls more, and basically raising the possibility of them not being compatible ahead of the recoupling. Mollie-Mae was equally unhappy about Tommy's attention being taken from her (as if Maura wasn't already enough to contend with.)

In the end, Joe did chose Lucie during the recoupling (much to Amy's obvious disgust) - but not before she'd unnecessarily been put through the emotional mill.

Interestingly, it does seem like there is now an obvious split between the girls in the villa.

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