No better woman.

We hadn't realised just how drab things had become in the 'Love Island' villa until Maura from Longford (she will hitherto be known as 'Maura from Longford', not just 'Maura') turned up.

The 28-year-old has only just joined the islanders, but she's already provided some top-class entertainment and stirred things up very nicely.

As we saw last night, Molly-Mae is not coping well at all with her arrival. She had a total meltdown at Tommy - who admitted that his head had done a '560 degree turn'. That's some Exorcist shiz, right there.

Social media generally agreed that Maura's presence in the villa had livened things up majorly, and even 'saved' the series from dying a death.

Can't say we disagree. More Maura, please!