Daniel and Majella O'Donnell have been keeping the nation entertained over the last few years with their expeditions around the country visiting various delighted B&B owners. (Anne from Roscommon, of course, being the peak of that.)

This new series of theirs, which kicked off last night on RTÉ One, see Daniel and Majella take their adventures stateside. The married couple are doing a road trip around America in an RV camper man, stopping off at the houses of uber fans and trying their hands at the likes of baseball and water skiing.

If it were any other couple, this could be a snooze fest of a show, but Daniel and Majella had viewers in stitches last night. Their honest, no-notions dynamic with each other couldn't be any more endearing and the show was jam-packed with their hilarious dry-wit and one incredibly timed fart.

Check out some of the reaction below:


'Daniel and Majella's USA Road Trip' continues on RTÉ One next Sunday at 9.30pm.