Daniel O'Donnell and his wife Majella are set to head across the pond shortly to experience the hospitality of some American B&Bs. The Donegal crooner revealed in an interview in his fan club's magazine that there are plans for the couple to visit other countries as part of their popular B&B Road Trip show, and will be kicking off with an upcoming trip to the USA.

"We are throwing ideas up in the air to see what might work best if we chose to do more TV shows," Daniel said.

"It's a good position to be in but the success on TV has come as a complete surprise to me.

"Working on TV was not where I saw myself going years ago. But certainly the blueprint, or whatever you might call it, of a mix of Majella and I on the B&B TV roadshow seems to be something that people really enjoy.

"The TV station has already been on to us to do different things for TV, but time is the stumbling block now. We want to do it right rather than rushing through something new."

The couple will start filming the new series of 'Daniel and Majella's B&B Road Trip' on September 7th. They will travel for three weeks around the American Midwest in an RV campervan going from Chicago through Wisconsin and Minnesota to North Dakota.

Will they ever meet anyone who loves Daniel as much as Anne from Roscommon though?