Whether fairly or unfairly, the sexual orientation of Curtis Pritchard was the source of much speculation amongst social media users during his time on 'Love Island'.

Although he coupled up with Amy and later Maura during his time in the villa, Curtis's closeness to the likes of Tommy and his apparent unwillingness to fully commit to his romantic partners raised quite a few eyebrows.

Others, of course, rightly argued that it was nobody's business but his own - but now the dancer has allegedly told The Sun that he would be open to having a relationship with a man at some point.

The 23-year-old said: "I’ve been with women and I’m with a woman now. You can never put a label on anything. It’s a cliche to say, but love is blind.

"I can never ever say what will happen in the future. I wouldn’t rule anything out."

He also said that he was glad that he resisted Maura's attempts to do the deed in the villa, adding that it was "worth the wait".

"I’m glad we did it away from the cameras, but that’s all I’ll say, as a gentleman never kisses and tells," he said.  “I never felt pressured to have sex on TV. I didn’t want to show off Maura to the world.  I was absolutely fine talking about sex, but actually performing it in front of people was next-level stuff.

“Maura understood that and said we were lucky that I have a strong willpower. At times you did want to let go under the covers, so I had to remind myself that there were cameras on us.”

Good for you, Curtis - there's a lot to be said for being comfortable with your sexuality.

For the moment, it looks like he and Maura remain very much together...  although he may well have put his foot in it by speculating about future relationships, whether they're with a man or a woman.

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