From the minute Maura stepped into the villa declaring that she could envisage her 'legs wrapped around Tommy's face', it was clear that the Longford women was not shy about coming forward.

Curtis was also very aware of this fact when he coupled up with her, but it seems that the Professional Dancer might not be able for the force of nature that is Maura Higgins.

After a rocky couple of days where it seemed like they might be on the verge of splitting, the pair made amends and were seen getting frisky under the covers last night. However, when Curtis declared that he was 'too tired' to take it any further after a day of looking after a fake baby, a clearly exasperated Maura vented her frustrations.

A lot of people are now questioning whether he is really into her as much as he says he is...

However, others were backing Curtis's right to refuse to have sex, and rightly called out the fact that it would be a huge double standard if it was the other way around: