Although it's less than a week to go before 'Love Island' ends, the cracks are already beginning to show in the relationships as the 'baby challenge' kicks off.

Following Anna and Jordan's break-up, Maura finds out that none other than Curtis advised Jordan to crack on with India. This, of course, sends Maura straight to Curtis to find out what he would have done in their situation. As she explains in the beach hut, "if he doesn't know what he would have done (in that situation), then don't give your advice - plain and simple."

Meanwhile, the Islanders wake up to babies and of course, the infamous 'baby challenge'. Anna clearly outlines that the fake baby is not hers, and Jordan's raising said fake baby on his own, claiming the baby is "one of (his) hundred girls."

It doesn't end there, as a shock dumping is set to take place tonight, with the likelihood being that Anna and Jordan are likely to get the heave.

'Love Island' continues tonight on Virgin Media Ireland Two at 9PM.