'Love Island' is about to be split as a mass dumping is set to take place (not that the show hasn't been a mass dumping in and of itself - wahey!).

Mind you it shouldn't come as that great a surprise. With the final episode looming days away, it was clear another dumping would have to take place.

Traditionally there are four couples, namely eight contestants, in the 'Love Island' final. And with seven couples currently in the villa, two of them had to go.

We reckon Tommy and Molly-Mae are definitely safe, as are Maura and Curtis. Amber and Greg are a fairly recent couple but have charmed audiences, so we'd say the public will save them.

Anton and Belle have been quiet of late but have also proven popular with viewers.

Anna and Jordan could definitely be out, given how often they've been in the final two. Plus there was last night's explosive events...

Ovie and India should also be safe because Ovie has proven such a fan favourite.

Chris and Harley could be in trouble of being voted off having had that massive fight two episode ago and they're such a new couple compared to other more established ones.

But this is 'Love Island' and who really knows how things will go...

The final takes place on Monday with the winning couple announced live on the night.

Until then, 'Love Island' continues on Virgin Media Two at 9pm.