On Friday, it was reported that we had our first split of the most recent series of 'Love Island, as Chris and Harley had apparently parted ways. Wasn't exactly the shock of the century.

However Chris took to Instagram this morning to let everyone know that the media reports were wrong last week... but him and Harley have since split up.

"I’m sad to say that both Harley and I have parted ways and came to this decision last night, despite rumours from the media last week," Chris said."

"Both of us have been very busy with separate opportunities and haven’t had enough quality time for each other.

"We both have the upmost support and respect for one another and the decision was made amicably, and will always be glad we rode the Love Island adventure together."

The couple were late additions to the series with Harvey arriving into the Villa with India. Both girls went on dates with Ovie and Chris respectively however ended up going for the opposite fella. While India went on to come third with Ovie, Harvey and Chris were voted off in week leading up to the final.

On 'Love Island: Aftersun' they told Caroline Flack they had made things exclusive, but sadly they are no more. In other news, 'Love Island' winners Greg and Amber were at the All Ireland final yesterday! So there's that.