Like so many 'Love Island' fans, we've been following Amber and Greg on their weekend break in Ireland.

We previously predicted that it seemed likely that the couple would end up going to the All-Ireland Hurling Final because, well, why not? After all, it's the national sport and Greg's a sports fan, so it all makes sense.

Sadly, for Amber, none of it made sense as she admitted to on Instagram with a quick Boomerang video from the stands of Croke Park. In fact, a candid from the match itself looks like Greg is intently trying to explain the finer intricacies of the hurling to Amber.

By all accounts, Greg bringing Amber to the match seems to have further solidified him as the world's greatest 'Love Island' contestant, so there's that too.

It's hard to know whether Greg was supporting Tipperary or Kilkenny, but seeing as how Limerick is more closely aligned with Tipperary, our money's on them. The bigger question, however, is whether or not Amber found the game of hurling itself to be terrifying or if she had any opinions on Richie Hogan's red card.

Probably not, seeing as it's her first hurling match and likely her first time seeing GAA sports in any kind of fashion.