While it's not yet official as to whether or not Amber and Greg are a thing now, it's definitely leaning that way as the 'Love Island' winners spent the weekend in Ireland visiting Greg's parents.

Across both their Instagrams, Amber and Greg have uploading videos of their time, visiting the likes of Cliff of Moher, car-dancing to Westlife's cover of 'Uptown Girl', and generally doing the whole first-weekend-away thing. There was even shirtless dancing by Greg, too.

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Visiting Ireland with the best tour guide 🍀❤️

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This is the first weekend break the pair have had since winning 'Love Island', and Amber previously admitted that the reason the pair aren't official is because she hasn't "met any of his family yet."

That, however, seems to have been solved as it looks as though Amber has met Greg's parents, and even spent some time on their boat over the weekend. Oddly enough, the pair apologised for being bad at Instagram, saying that they were having too much fun together to take pictures for everyone.

Always a good sign, that.

Seeing as how Greg is showing Amber the best of Ireland, don't be in the least bit surprised either if they somehow end up at the All-Ireland Hurling Final, either.