It's fair to say that Greg O'Shea has already won over the TV-watching public with his various charm offensives over the past few weeks.

Not only was he Amber's knight in shining armour on 'Love Island', but now the rugby-playing Limerickman is winning over everyone - especially the mammy contingent - with his 'nice guy' persona outside the villa, too.

Appearing on 'Loose Women' with Amber earlier today, he explained why he had chosen not to do any sponsorship or PAs since leaving 'Love Island'. His reason? Basically  he just wanted to continue playing rugby and training to be a solicitor, and he was refusing to let the celeb lifestyle curb that. He then added that he had found what he was looking for in Amber, to a chorus of 'awwwws' from Colleen Nolan and co.

A 'Love Island' contestant who actually went on the show for all the right reasons? It does happen, apparently.

Watch the clip below: