That Irish girl who does impersonations of 'Love Island' contestants is back.

This time around she imagines what the 'Love Island' contestants would be like shopping at Primark, aka Penneys.

Cork native Hayley Ryan released her first video of impersonations of this year's contestants earlier this month.

Since then she's proven a hit, appearing on radio a number of times; and now she's even getting endorsed by Primark.

It's fitting too given the endorsements the 'Love Island' contestants typically get after finishing on the series.

Molly-Mae, Maura and Curtis all get hilariously mimicked in Hayley's latest video (via Twitter) while the coupling process of the reality series is also parodied.

Maura is loving the value of Penneys knickers while Curtis has to pick appropriate socks for dancing. Poor Tommy gets dragged around the store by a demanding Molly-Mae. And of course all leave with more than they came in to get - as you do.

Last night's episode was a dramatic one as Anna and Maura exploded at Jordan when the latter's head started to turn for India.

The final is less than a week away now so every move the couples make counts...

'Love Island' continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.