The Casa Amor twist debuted in last night's 'Love Island' episode and it's safe to say, heads are turning. In fact, if some of these lads aren't careful, heads will roll.

The 'Love Island' episode opened the morning after Aaron and Lucinda went home.

Teddy soon received a text telling him and the boys it was time to sneak out of the villa to go to Casa Amor.

When the girls discovered their fellas were gone, needless to say, they were a tad stressed...

They didn't have long to mourn though as six brand new boys soon entered the villa.

Meanwhile, six bombshell girls - including two from Dublin - arrived at Casa Amor.

After getting to know one another a little, there was a game of Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever at Casa Amor and the 'Love Island' villa, respectively.

Things got spicy quickly.

Safe to say, viewers were not impressed with the boys' behaviour.

Here's some of what Twitter had to say about the 'Love Island' episode...

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