"I feel like this pandemic has been the lowest for anyone. I've never felt so low in my life."

The appearance of Irish pop stars Jedward on 'The Late Late Show' has been overwhelmingly positive online. The twins, known for appearing on 'The X Factor' as well as representing Ireland in the Eurovision two separate times, gave a rather honest and raw interview with host Ryan Tubridy.

The twins have become popular on social media in recent months, urging people to wear masks during the pandemic, while also having a go at Jim Corr and the protestors in Dublin during the anti-mask campaigns that have been happening. Last night, the social influencers spoke of how difficult it was for them during 2020, just like it was for the rest of the world.

Jedward spoke about how demanding it can be on a person's mental health as we adapt to working from home, on why having too much time with your thoughts can be dangerous, while also pleading with the nation to wear a fecking face mask.

However, Jedward's appearance on 'The Late Late Show' caused controversy outside of RTE last night, with protestors appearing in arms against their slot on the show. It is also believed that Dr Anthony Fauci, the US infectious disease expert, appearing via video link was also a reason for the protest.

In spite of this, many viewers were praising Jedward for speaking their minds on the show, and here's some of the praise that the twins received on Twitter.

The twins also managed to perform on the show after chatting to Ryan. They sang a stripped-back version of R.E.M.'s 'Everybody Hurts' in honour of their mother Susanna, who passed away from cancer in February last year.

You can watch Jedward's full appearance over on the RTE Player.