Jedward are continuing to wow the Irish nation at a time when our faith in the government is at an all-time low.

Did anyone have Jedward for Europe down on their Bingo cards for 2020? Anyone? Well, we never had them down for having a public spat on Twitter with Jim Corr either, but it happened.

The fresh Jedward news comes as Fine Gael's Phil Hogan recently stepped down as European Commissioner for Trade. The politician attended the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner in Galway with 80 other attendees, while his home county of Kildare was subject to a local lockdown.

Now, it appears that the two-time Eurovision hopefuls are swapping music for politics in a new series of tweets sent out on social media.

Please enjoy this deliciously hilarious yet thought-provoking case for Jedward's seat as joint European Commissioners (we presume that's what they're insinuating).

Just look at all of the people who were overjoyed to meet Jedward, including President Barack Obama in 2011.

They were always WELL ahead of the hygiene trend.

Oh, and they don't play golf.

Now they'll just have to pop back to Ireland from their current home of LA with Tara Reid and make this a potential possibility.

Or maybe it'll be third time lucky for the twins to represent us in next year's Eurovision Song Contest? Expect an update on the matter from the twins very soon.