If you had a celebrity bingo card and it included Jedward and Jim Corr fighting each other over anti-mask protests, then get it out because you're in luck.

Guitarist with The Corrs and, how do we put this delicately, conspiracy theorist Jim Corr has been caught in a very public Twitter beef with none other than plucky pop duo Jedward. It all began yesterday when Corr joined a few hundred people at a protest in Dublin to give out about coronavirus. All well and good, you'd think.

Except the protest was against masks and lockdown measures. You know, the thing that's helping to stop the spread of it. The protest was largely peaceful, however, four arrests were made during it. One of those arrested had to be restrained by several gardai and was found to have a large pen-knife on their person.

Many of the protest signs cited things like 5G, paedophile rings, anti-vaccination slogans,  and other garden-variety conspiracy theories, while several far-right personalities were spotted in the crowd.

So, to the beef. Jedward kicked off proceedings with this tweet. Blunt, direct, to the point.

This was then followed up with a pointed mention of Jim Corr, he of the Corrs, and his attendance at the previously mentioned protest.

This, of course, provoked a response from Jim Corr himself.

Jedward's response? A not-too-subtle reference to the Corrs' 1995 radio hit, 'Runaway'.

2020 continues its strange and bewildering course and we can all only sit back and wonder what's going to happen next. Do not be in the least bit surprised if Jedward start some kind of political campaign in the near future. Never mind that, what's the next bat-shit celebrity feud going to be?

Could Twink and Joe Duffy go to war? What about the Barack Obama Plaza beefing with the Papa John's pizza chain? Could we see old feuds like Dustin and Pat Kenny reignite? We have four months left in this crazy year.

Anything's possible.