Yes, you read that headline correctly, and no, this isn't another version of 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Although we kind of wish it was.

Irish 'X-Factor' contestants and Eurovision hopefuls John and Edward Grimes have been living it up over in LA in quarantine, with their good ol' pal Tara Reid. Here's everything we know about the Jedward and Tara Reid living situation.

Unfortunately, there's no live footage of this random pairing but if someone wants to get a camera in there, this would be the reality show we want to watch right now.

In a recent podcast episode of 'We Hear', Jedward and Tara Reid were quizzed on how the celebrities are managing to quarantine together, and it all stemmed from them meeting in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house back in 2011. The Dublin twins then made a cameo appearance in Reid's 'Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!', following which they managed to take the actress on a tour of Ireland for a couple of months.

Tara says of their time spent together so far: "They have the guitar in their hands, their writing all these songs... We're being entertained and we're all feeling better about it!"

"We are all artists," Reid told hosts Maggie and Ian from her apartment in LA. "John and Edward, you should see the songs they’re writing right now!"

It turns out that Jedward had been staying with Tara before St. Patrick's Day. After they left to return home, she begged the singers to return back to LA - and they've been together ever since.

While Jedward-tining, the twins have been teaching Tara and her boyfriend Michael Axtmann a few Irish recipes in the kitchen, they've been meditating together, and the pair have even managed to clean her windows.

For the full interview, head over to the 'We Hear' podcast for Page Six - you need to listen to this (from around 11 minutes into the podcast).