On last night's 'Late Late', 'Love Island' winner Greg discussed the much-discussed split with Amber, hoping to set the record set on reports that surfaced earlier in the week.

Greg opened the question by saying that people shouldn't believe what they read, but admitted later that the substance of the reporting was true - namely, that he and Amber are currently split up.

"Me and Amber have been chatting the last couple of days," Greg explained. "Over phone calls. The whole thing about a text isn't true - people just want to sell stories."

As he tells it, the two of them are still mad about one another, but that their situation is currently such that both of them are up to their gills in work at the moment, and that "you need to be realistic about the situation."

"She lives in the UK. Every brand wants to work with her, every event wants her there. Of course - she deserves all of it. And I decided to come back to Ireland and do my thing here. I'm trying to get to the Olympics with the Sevens team, I've my law exam coming up," Greg continued.

As he tells it, the split came down to that old chestnut - their careers. "We're kind of being realistic about the situation and protecting our careers. That's where we are at the moment."

Greg went on, denying that the split came over text, saying that it "was a couple of days. And I'm mad about her and hope she's mad about me. So we'll see about the future."

Still, despite all this, Greg still seems to be holding a candle for her, saying that Amber "deserves everything that's coming her way. She's amazing."

If only we could all deal with break-ups in a way that's this healthy and mature. Here's the clip.