Graham Norton has indicated that he wants to cut back on his workload with 'The Graham Norton Show'.

In an interview with SiriusXM, Norton explained that currently, the show is "on air right now 35 to 36 weeks a year. So if I cut that down, maybe lob ten weeks off it, then I think that would be ideal." Of course, given the huge popularity of the show and the international success it's had, that's easier said than done.

Not only that, Norton seems to be aware himself that cutting back on his workload will probably drive him mad. "What’s odd is, when you stop working you become a teenage girl," he said. "You start obsessing about minutiae. I don’t want to turn into that person."

As Norton said himself, the show runs for about a half the year. So were he to cut back, the rest of his time would be spent on his BBC Radio 2 show, or commentating at the Eurovision, or now with acting as a judge on 'RuPaul's Drag Race UK' with Michelle Visage and RuPaul - not to mention writing new novels on top of that, too.

So, yeah, maybe a bit of time off wouldn't be the worst thing for Graham Norton. 'The Graham Norton Show' returns to screens later this year.