Maisie Williams is going to be a celebrity judge on the UK Adaptation Of 'RuPaul’s Drag Race'.

Maisie Williams is best known for playing Arya Stark of Winterfell on 'Game of Thrones'. Last weekend's series finale saw Arya depart for her family to explore "what's west of Westeros."

BBC Three is adapting the the US competition format. It'll search for the “Queen of Great Britain” among the UK’s top drag artists.

Williams is joined by Michelle Visage, who has judged eight seasons of the US format and four seasons of the 'All-Stars' spin-off.

British presenters Graham Norton and Alan Carr are also judges on the eight-part series.

Contestants compete in individual or team challenges that test a specific drag queen skill.

Later they take on the Maxi Challenge, where they may be required to perform, model in a photo shoot, or prepare a runway look for a themed challenge. When they face the judges, one contestant is eliminated each week and asked to “sashay away.”

Maisie Williams said, “What I love the most about drag is the story of the drag queen behind the facade. I think that so much of drag comes from a place of real pain and seeing how that transforms into a character is so interesting to me. I love that about art and about drag.”