While 'Graham Norton' is off the air, the man himself is out on the promotional trail for his new book, 'A Keeper'.

While over in New York, Norton stopped by the 'Late Show with Stephen Colbert' to explain - as best as one could - Brexit, proroguing the parliament, and why Boris Johnson is expelling people from his own party.

Not only that, Colbert was good enough to try and get Norton drunk and it seemed to have worked as he spilled a juicy bit of gossip regarding one guest's ridiculous demands.

Who needs nine - that's right, NINE - dressing rooms? And then calls up asking for a tenth one? To be fair to him, he specifically denied that it was Madonna (even though we'd bet good money it was her) and even changed the gender of whoever it was to hide that fact (again, totally bet money it's Madonna).

Here's the video.