You might think that we're being silly with a headline like that, or even just going too much into our fascination / love / profound respect for Keanu Reeves.

But, really, you need to check out this moment at the end of his interview with Stephen Colbert. Not only was it unscripted, you could actually see Keanu Reeves putting time, thought and consideration into his answer. Not only that, it's beautiful and it holds the true meaning to life in an answer on death.

For real, how else would you answer a question like that? Not only does Reeves speak from experience, he speaks with such calmness and harmony that you wonder if John Wick is actually the reincarnation of the Buddha or something.

Here's the full interview. If you're short on time, skip to around the nine-minute mark when he starts talking about 'Bill & Ted Face The Music' where he gives it all some context. The actual question, however, as to what happens after we die comes at 9:49.

What an answer.