When you think of Keanu Reeves, there's probably a couple of things that'll immediately spring to your mind.

There's John Wick, the character he's played in two of the most critically-acclaimed action movies of the past decade. There's 'Speed', 'Point Break', and obviously 'The Matrix' as well. You might even be aware of his extensive motorcycle collection.

Yet, for all of these pursuits and accomplishments in his work, the last thing you'd associate with him is ballroom dancing. And yet, when it's set out loud, it makes complete and total sense. Why's that, you're probably not asking?

For the simple reason that stunt-work and ballroom dancing go hand-in-hand. For one, they both focus on rhythm and coordinated movements with another partner. They both require rigorous training, physical dexterity, and huge concentration. Yet, when you pull it off, it looks fantastic and those who do it enjoy it just as much.

Hell, Bruce Lee was a champion ballroom dancer - so why wouldn't Keanu Reeves enjoy just as much? Here's Keanu discussing it on this week's 'Graham Norton'.