Keanu Reeves may be renowned as John Wick nowadays but before that series, and even before The Matrix, he was best-known as one half of comic duo Bill and Ted.

Reeves played Ted while Alex Winter playing Bill, and after their two films Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure in 1989 and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey in 1991 inspired a cult following, fans have been eager to see the pair on the big screen again.

While a third movie has been in the works since 2010, with writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon having worked through several drafts of a script, difficulties with securing financing and studio pressures to create a reboot rather than a sequel, means it hasn’t happened.

In a recent interview the two actors and writers did with EW though, it’s looking more likely than ever that Bill & Ted Face the Music is going to get the green light.

A director, Dean Parisot, best-known for Galaxy Quest, is now attached while Solomon says they are “hoping to close a deal with some financiers” in the next couple of months. Not only is Scott Kroopf, the original producer of Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, on board again but Steven Soderbergh, the director of the recent movie Unsane, has also signed on as a producer.

Solomon also teased that Bill Sadler will return as the Grim Reaper and that there are “a few delicious cameos” in store.

The writers also hinted at what fans can expect from the film with Solomon describing it as “kind of like A Christmas Carol With Bill and Ted” and will be about “looking at their lives, and really kind of rediscovering what they’re about.”

Matheson said the movie follows the aftermath of Bill and Ted having been told as youngsters that they would write music which would turn the world into a utopia.

“You’re told you’re gonna save the world,” Matheson says. “And now you’re 50 and you haven’t done it. Now they’re married, and it affects their marriages, and it affects their relationships with their kids, and it affects their everything.”

Keanu Reeves adds: “Everybody’s a little older now. A little afraid… Indomitable spirits confronted with, ‘Is this the end?’”