The drama production starring our own Colm Meaney has been one of Sky Atlantic's most-viewed TV series to date.

Since launching back in April, Sky's 'Gangs of London' series has received a record-breaking amount of views. The new Sky original is now the second-biggest drama launch on the channel.

Over a period of seven days, the first episode of the nine-part series was viewed a total of 2.23 million times using Sky's various on demand devices and live services. This places 'Gangs of London' in second place behind the 'Chernobyl' miniseries, which drew in a record-breaking four million viewers last year.

Sky's 'Gangs of London' series has been garnering a lot of praise by viewers and critics, with nearly one million Sky subscribers having binged on all nine episodes already. So, a second season is more than likely on the cards for the thrilling drama.

Created by Gareth Evans, who is known for directing both entries in movie franchise 'The Raid', 'Gangs of London' sees the Wallace family scramble to hold onto the top spot as London's most powerful family, following the shocking death of Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney).

Speaking about his short-lived role in the series, Meaney said in an interview with Sky: "It's quite a strange role for me and I have had to explain to a few people that I'm not in 'Gangs of London' for too long.

"I'm one of the first people you see in the trailer, I do the narration on it and it looks like I'm one of the main people in this, but my character gets shot in the face in the first episode. It's a bit harsh for the fella!"

Here's the trailer for the series, if you haven't already been tuning in.