'Friends' has been popping up in entertainment news quite a bit of late.

The much anticipated 'Friends' reunion is still in the pipeline, though filming has been postponed.

Then star of the show, Lisa Kudrow, revealed earlier this week that Matthew Perry gave her a prop from the set.

The honest trailer for 'Friends' - which is very funny and very accurate - also dropped this week.

And while we've all been in isolation, no doubt many are turning to the comfort and familiarity of the 90s to 00s sitcom on Netflix.

At this stage, those who love the show may have seen it as many as twenty times.

With that in mind, here's a quiz that fans should undoubtedly nail.

There's a little twist to this one too as it's timed. You have 90 seconds to answer ten questions. Be warned, you'll be required to type the answer - rather than selecting from multiple choice - for a couple of them.

How good is your unagi?