Lisa Kudrow - who will forever be Phoebe Buffay in our hearts - has revealed she has a prop from the 'Friends' set. Her co-star Matthew Perry gave it to her, even though they weren't allowed take anything from the set.

Lisa Kudrow is currently promoting 'Space Force', which she stars in opposite Steve Carell. It drops on Netflix this Friday.

She was chatting to Jimmy Kimmel about the comedy series as well as about that classic sitcom, 'Friends'.

The actress spoke about the postponement of the reunion episode and emphasised (again) they won't be making a whole new episode.

She showed off her 'Friends' bobble heads collection as well as a prop from the set. It was a cookie jar which looks like a clock with the words "Cookie Time" on it. Its home was Monica and Rachel's kitchen.

Kudrow explained: "That was the wrap gift [Matthew] gave me.

"We were laughing hysterically and crying because it was the end. It's funny to us because we were shooting a scene years before we were finished and my line was 'Oooh! I better get going, I'm late'. Except I didn't have a watch and when we were shooting it, it was too late when I realised I don't have a watch. How do I know 'oooh, I have to get going'?

"And so as the words were coming out, I went oh, good , there's a clock. I gestured to that and said 'oooh, look at the time. I gotta get going.' And when we were done shooting, Matthew said 'did you just point to the cookie jar and say look at the time?'"

She explained her car would be searched for props every evening when leaving the 'Friends' set so she's still not sure if Matthew was allowed to actually take it...

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