The Honest Trailer for 'Friends' has finally arrived. Sure, it's arrived about sixteen years after the show actually ended, but we'll take it.

'Friends' has been in the news a lot of late as fans anticipate the reunion special on streaming service HBO Max.

Filming for it has been delayed but hopes are it'll still enter production before the end of the year.

Star of the sitcom Lisa Kudrow recently discussed how fellow star Matthew Perry gave her a prop from the set.

Basically, 'Friends' fans love any insights into the show they can get.

This latest parody video from Youtube channel Screen Junkies points out a lot of issues we're well aware of in the show, including its lack of diversity; Phoebe's depressing backstory; the over-reliance on catchphrases and bad dancing for comedy; and how very 90s it can be.

Over ten seasons, there's plenty to jab at it so no wonder they take 10 minutes to cover it all.

We still love it regardless.