Although it's been talked about and rumoured for some time, it now looks like the long-awaited revival of 'Frasier' is locked in for next year.

Speaking on the YouTube show, 'In Depth With Graham Bensingner', Grammer confirmed that the revival is set to happen in 2020. "We’ve got it hatched," Grammer said. "We’ve hatched the plan, what we think is the right way to go."

While no air date was set, Grammer did say that the series will likely begin production in the summer of 2020. "We’ll see how people respond to it, because it’s not gonna be the same place, not gonna be Seattle, it’s not gonna be the same Frasier, it’s gonna be the man in his next iteration. Hopefully that’ll be something people like watching."

'Frasier' went off air in 2004, ending an incredible 11-season run beginning in 1993. Originally a spin-off from 'Cheers', the TV series was massively popular and critically acclaimed, garnering a total of 37 Primetime Emmy Awards, scooping up the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series five years in a row.

It's not yet known, however, which TV studio will take on the revival. In the same interview, Grammer stated that there were still negotiations as to where it'll live, but whatever it ends up being, here's hoping they keep this in it somewhere.