It's one of the most successful spin-offs in TV history, not to mention being hilarious in its own right, and now the first five seasons of 'Frasier' on RTE Player.

All 120 episodes are now available for free on the RTE Player, all of it in HD and ready to watch. The series began as a spin-off to 'Cheers' in 1993, beginning just three months after it ended and picked up right where it left off with Dr. Frasier Crane moving to Seattle to take up a new job as a radio show host and care for his father.

Throughout its 11-season run, 'Frasier' won two Golden Globes and 37 Primetime Emmy Awards, the most ever won by a single TV series until 'Game of Thrones' beat it in 2016. In fact, all told, 'Frasier' won 112 awards from various bodies and ceremonies, and was nominated for a grand total of 318 awards.

Not only that, numerous polls - including one by Channel 4 - rank 'Frasier' as one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. As well as being decidedly witty and more high-brow than you'd expect for a sitcom, 'Frasier' was also well-known for its breadth of guest stars, some of them completely unknown to audiences by way of acting as call-in guests for Frasier's show.

David Duchovny, Eric Idle, Jodie Foster, Christopher Reeve, Laura Dern, Carrie Fisher, Mel Brooks, Eddie Van Halen, Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford all acted as "call-in guests" on the show through the years, only ever revealed as such in the final episode of that particular season.

You can watch Season 1 to 5 on RTE Player here.