As with the likes of 'Will & Grace', 'The Conners', and that 'US Office' reunion that everyone's hankering for, it's no surprise that 'Frasier' is also in the mix.

Just three months ago, Grammer told a panel at the USC Comedy Festival that while there'd been "no premise that has come along that has the necessary fire," the reboot plans were still ongoing.

Grammer was on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' last night and, sure enough, the topic came up once again. "We're talking to a group of writers. The first principle is that it's a different story, basically. Same group of characters, but in a different setting; something has changed in their lives."

Grammer pointed out that John Mahoney's passing last year would certainly be a reference point, as Mahoney played Frasier's grouchy father, Marty Crane. However, the one point that Grammer seemed insistent on was that it be "the third act of 'Frasier', rather than try pick it up right like 'Will & Grace' did, right where they were."

As for what Frasier was up to since then, Grammer seemed pretty unsure - except for the fact that the radio show was over. "He might be an art dealer, he might be a professor, we don't know yet," said Grammer.

Well, at least he doesn't have a podcast.