Although there's no confirmed plans about a reunion episode of 'The US Office', you can guarantee that every time one of its cast is front of a camera, they're going to have to field questions about it.

Steve Carrell has trolled fans in the past about it whilst John Krasinski, on the press tour for 'A Quiet Place', was asked about on a regular basis. However, in an interview with 'Variety', Krasinski dug deep into why that's the case. "I need the incredible writers of our show to tell me what he's doing 'cos I'm kind of worried about him," said Krasinski.

"He had a lot of hopes and dreams, he had a lot of zany ideas and then he went to Austin to live his life, and I feel like the dreams are still in his head so let's see what he's doing now," continued Krasinski. Given how reunion shows and revivals are currently du jour in television at the minute, it's not surprising that 'The US Office' is being touted as an option.

Then again, given how the series ended on such a graceful note, why go back? Anyway, here's John Krasinski talking about it.