We all know that feeling when you're sitting down to a first date but the dude who is trying to buy your bunk beds calls. Nightmare, amirite? Sometimes you just need to chat to your bunk bed guy though, you know? These bunk bed buying folk are busy people after all.

This was the scenario faced by Johnny on his date with Siofra on 'First Dates Ireland' last night, who ended up taking the call about the beds in the bathroom. In fairness that's better than actually answering your phone at the table a la Katie from Limerick a couple of weeks back.

Viewers thought his bunk bed wheeler-dealing was pretty entertaining though:


Unfortunately it wasn't a match for Johnny and Siofra, who actually knew each other beforehand from their time in Dublin Youth Theatre. The pair did get to sing out the entire series with 'Mamma Mia' though, so how bad.