There's many a social conundrum that can emerge from a 'First Dates Ireland' episode. Everything from who pays the bill to forgetting names to who should go first for the dreaded second date question.

Last night's episode threw up a new one though as fleet manager Katie from Limerick had her date with Shauna from Clare constantly interrupted by work phone calls. Katie apologised to Clare the first few times her phone rang but ultimately ended up answering it in the middle of dinner which a lot of viewers were not one bit impressed with.

In fairness, poor Katie seems to be worked to the bone and is constantly on call. She really needs to get that old work/life balance in order.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a match for the pair and our heart really went out to Katie by the end of it.


Although RTÉ2's twitter account teased after the show that we may be seeing Katie again...


Hopefully, Katie will have better luck next time... and maybe leaves the old phone on silent.

Catch more 'First Dates Ireland' next Thursday on RTÉ2 at 9.30pm.