It's a classic 'First Dates Ireland' issue and one that comes up on many a first date - who should foot the bill?

Traditionalists say it should always be the man but what if it's two men or two women? What if the date didn't go that well? Is going half the most fair for all or should one person foot the bill on the first date?

This issue raised its head on 'First Dates Ireland' again last night when Waterford beauty blogger Diane met Eoin from Rathfarnham. The pair got off to a great start having actually somehow got chatting on the Luas on the way to the 'First Dates Ireland' restaurant.

All was rosy until it came time to pay the bill, and while Eoin suggested he could cover it if she wanted, he ultimately took Diane up on her offer to pay half, and she was not impressed.


The pair got over it and agreed to see each other again, but viewers were left divided over what went down.


Right, lets put it out to the rest of you, what do you think? Answers on a postcard. (Or the poll below).


You can find out what 'First Dates Ireland' maître d Mateo thinks below in a recent interview on The Telly Show (head to the 9 min. 15 sec. mark below).