The second episode of the season of 'First Dates Ireland' was on RTÉ2 last night and as usual there were a great selection of characters looking for love.

We had Lorraine from Limerick who was absolutely gas, between stealing her date's dessert, her fancy guna, and her reaction to being asked if they would see each other again. Peter didn't know what hit him.

We also had huntsman Paul and the stunning Dominika who hit it off as well as Orla from Dundalk and chef Daniel who also agreed to another date. Unfortunately, Maria from Cork and model Sara had no spark but did get on very well as friends.

Then there was poor Dylan, who didn't get off to a great start with his date by asking if spaghetti was a pasta. He was a very smart dude though who found himself almost apologising for not reading Harry Potter because he was busy reading his college books which are about, you know, actual real life. He was extremely interested in politics so we have no idea why the show decided to match him with nurse Katie, who was an absolute gem but only had a passing interest in the subject. Sure who knows the methods of those wily matchmakers.

Here's some of the best online reaction to 'First Dates Ireland' last night:

What's wrong with Prime Time?

No, just someone mildly interested in politics... which he specified was his major interest? We got your back Dylan.



We loved Katie too though.


Anyone else spot last season's Cillian?



Tell us more dammit 'First Dates Ireland'!!