Those 'Love Island' editors know exactly what they're doing.

If you thought the risque teaser that ended Wednesday night's episode was bad (where Molly-Mae made a statement relating to Tommy's bicep muscle - yep, it was definitely his bicep she was talking about), last night's brief clip of the pair in bed raised even more eyebrows.

It may have been an eventful evening in the villa; Yewande and Danny finally smooched and new girl Arabella set her sights on the latter. However, the one thing that everyone was talking about was that clip of Tommy and Molly-Mae under the covers during the nightly montage of each couple settling in for the night.

There was no context whatsoever, other than Tommy saying 'Jesus Christ'.

Folks, your mothers are watching. That's all we'll say. Not to mention all of your housemates.

Did they do the deed or not? Guess we'll find out tonight, because clearly neither of them have any discretion whatsoever.

There's no footage of the 'incident' online yet, but here's how Twitter reacted...