Yewande and Danny had been ticking over nicely on 'Love Island' until now, even sharing (a slightly awkward) first kiss last week. However in last night's episode, Yewanda expressed doubts over the relationship when chatting to Anna, telling her how some days she wasn't as sure about Danny as others. Given that she's only known the bloke a week, that's understandable. Although in 'Love Island' land that's about six months.

Meath woman Yewande then expressed her concerns to Danny who ensured her he was mad about her saying, "I don't think you really quite get how much I like you". Yewande then admitted in the Beach Hut that she found it really hard to accept that Danny's feelings are real and genuine. "It's insecurities that I kinda have to fix within myself," she said.

A lot of viewers felt for Yewande and her predicament, and while some agree that she should be cautious, others felt she should accept his feelings as genuine and be confident in ourselves.

After all, "we accept the love we think we deserve". (Yes that is a quote from 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'. And what of it.)


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