If you were ever in doubt that the 'Love Island' villa is anything other than a shallow hotbed of fickleness and fakery, last night's episode would have set you right.

It was only a few days ago that the general public were baying for Molly-Mae's blood after the 'He's my type' debacle when Danny came into the villa, leaving the permanently-confused Tommy even more... well, confused.

However, in recent days it seems that she's warmed to Tommy once again and last night the pair had their first kiss.

Tommy was certainly laying it on thick, taking Molly-Mae aside to give her a speech that saw him profess his devotion to her. "We didn’t get off to the best start," he said. "Well, we got off to a good start, the start was smooth but then it got a bit bumpy, and things went the way they went, and now we’re back on track.

"I’ve never met a girl I’ve got on with this much. I genuinely didn’t think I’d come in here and be blown away, but that’s exactly what you’ve done. And every time I wake up next to you, it just makes me smile because I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve waking up with you."

Jaysus, Tommy, steady on. It wasn't too long ago you were telling Lucie that your head wouldn't turned if Rihanna and Beyonce walked in. And something tells us that we haven't heard the last of Maura and Tommy, despite new boy Handsome Tom turning her head.

It seems that the general public isn't as cynical as we are, and most people actually like Tommy and Molly-Mae together, however...