It's hard to know how much of Donald Trump's bluster and bullshit is real and how much of it is just him farting his way across a keyboard.

However, two tweets from the current US President earlier today are not only shocking - as it's basically talking about censorship, something that's protected against by law in the US - but also because it's kind of pathetic.

It's true, Donald Trump does make up a lot of late-night talk show material and you can be guaranteed that whenever he does something stupid, Alec Baldwin's going to do his thing on 'SNL'.

Of course, the thing here is that Donald Trump can't actually direct the FCC to do anything as they're independent from the Executive Branch. Not only that, parody and satire is protected under the first amendment of the US Constitution - meaning that they're not only entitled to make fun of him, but they're legally protected by the same piece of paper that Donald Trump swore an oath to uphold and protect.

So, what happens now? Well, nothing. He can go on, making his tweets, and 'SNL' and comedy writing rooms can continue making fun of him and pointing out his many, many flaws because it's all legal.

Even George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, both Republicans like Trump, were subject to scathing parody on 'SNL' and late-night television, but neither of them acknowledged it publicly, much less told the whole world how much it bothered them.