Having the worst approval ratings for a President in his first 100 days in office is clearly thirsty work when you're Donald J. Trump.

In Associated Press' interview with Donald Trump - wherein they transcribed 16 (SIXTEEN) parts of it as 'unintelligible' - one tidbit came to light. According to the eyewitness report from AP reporter Julie Pace, Trump has a specific button on his desk that brings forth cool, refreshing Coca-Cola.

Trump, who is a tee-totaller, has often been spotted at his desk in the Oval Office with a glass of Coke and a straw. While you might think that's insane, it's not all that uncommon. Lyndon B. Johnson, who served as President after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, reportedly had a similar setup - except his magical butler button dispensed Fresca.

Hey, as long as Trump is pushing the button for Coke and not nuclear launch, it's OK.


Via AP