Dara O'Briain is set to host the new version of 'Blockbusters' on Comedy Central, revitalising the '80s TV gameshow previously hosted by Bob Holness.

In a statement released to media today, Comedy Central VP Louise Holmes described 'Blockbusters' as "one of the UK's most beloved formats" and "an iconic show that a lot of people hold close to their hearts."

O'Briain, who's currently hosting 'Mock The Week' and also hosted the short-lived reboot of 'Robot Wars', is set to be calling the shots for the new show and discussed his love of the show back in the '80s.

"I'm delighted to take over this classic quiz show, and with it, the speculation that, like Bob Holness, I played the saxophone on the original recording of Baker St. For the record, I did not, although I did play the Marimba on 'I Shot the Sheriff'. However, I will not be laughing at contestants saying 'I'd like a P please, Dara', just as I haven't laughed at the planet Uranus in 10 years of 'Stargazing Live'. See, I can do serious."

The series began in 1983 and pitted sixth formers - that's Sixth Years in our education, we're guessing - against one another by answering trivia questions from a specific topic and building a line of hexagons across the board. The first one to reach the other side of the board won, but the other team could beat you to the other side of the board and block you out by answering questions on the path.

It sounds a lot more complex than it is, but honestly, who cares - it's 'Blockbusters' and it's going to be a smash. There's no word yet on an air date, but it's understood that the episodes will be recorded in the new year.

Here's hoping they bring back the original theme tune.