We didn't see this coming but we all know by now that Dara O' Briain is very much a jack of all trades, with a successful career as a comedian as well as a degree in theoretical physics under his belt, which proved useful when interviewing his hero Stephen Hawking recently.

Now he is turning his attention to food, but don't worry, he's not donning his MasterChef hat quite yet, this is actually a six-part series about the future of food for BBC One.

The programme is set to be called 'Tomorrow's Food' and was announced by BBC One controller Charlotte Moore at the Edinburgh TV Festival, who said; "The series will reveal the cutting-edge technologies and produce appearing in farms, supermarkets, kitchens and restaurants around the world, transforming how we grow, buy and eat our food."

Dara O'Briain will be presenting the series from a different location each week and will be joined by Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett, greengrocer Chris Bavin, and technology expert Dr Shini Somara.

No word on when we will see it yet but so far sounds interesting enough, and sure no doubt Dara will bring a bit of craic to proceedings.

We already know what the theme tune should be...